Demo Reel 2017

Had a chance to update my sweet lil demo reel this summer. New additions from a short film called Goodbye Girls (dir. Stephen Cone), feature film I Don't Care (dir. Casey Puccini), and my very own webseries, Actress (dir. Brian Wiebe). Thanks to Julie Kravitz--who completes me--for the hot cut.


After much ado, I'm so pleased and proud to share ACTRESS, an original web series I co-wrote, -produced and starred in. All episodes can be found in the actress web series tab. The trailer is below! Watch and tell your friends!

Boot the Pigeon TRAILER

Here's a sweet trailer for a romantic comedy I shot with the wonderful Todd Slotten in Chicago.

Goodbye Girls

I participated in Cinema Lab with Chicago director Stephen Cone this summer and I got this sweet short out of the deal. Enjoy!

Piper & Paxton Baby Boutique (Walmart/Pampers)

I had a blast shooting this online video with Saatch & Saatchi X, Jack Morton and Mitchell Communications Group over the summer...Enjoy!

Theatrical Reel

I'm SO excited to share my brand-spanking new theatrical reel, which features footage from Maydays, A Good Person and Boot the Pigeon. Thanks to the talented and tireless Julie Kravitz for her mad editing skillz.

Flat & Manor

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a spec real estate video for Flat & Manor Films. Flat & Manor provides video tours for people looking to rent their home out via airbnb or VRBO. Check it!

A Good Person Trailer

Trailer for A GOOD PERSON, directed by Brian Wiebe.